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Nine Pins, SE Hong Kong

Books Cam and her sister Vivian wrote about our voyage




The second book on our voyage (about our return to HK from Australia) will be ready soon.



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Jade is available for chartering!

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Over a hundred short movies on our voyage from Florida across the S.     Pacific,  through Micronesia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan back to HK

Our 6-week on Cunard cruise ship QEII prior to the voyage. (Videos of QEII can be found in the bottom list under 'Ocean Theatre')

It has been such a long time since we last written something here. We came back to Hong Kong to settle down in April 2010. We have gone back to land life, girls have been to local school and now back to homeschool. Life's been busy.

We keep this site for our own memory and you are welcome to see what we've done. We are very pleased to know that many who have visited this site find it inspiring.

You can see in the above that we are now chartering Jade.  Talk with us and see what Jade can offer you.

We've talked about it for a long time, the second book on our home-going leg of the voyage is near finishing. Hopefully it can be published in the next couple of months.


Sailing log and photos                

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