About Us

We are a Hong Kong family of four: Arni (papa), Cam (mama), Molly & Nancy. We started sailing after Arni's retirement from the HK police. Before we embarked on the voyage, we took a train trip to Beijing, and then spent 6 weeks on the Cunard cruise ship QEII (Arni's retirement package to send him from Hong Kong back to England. Both trips can be seen on this site too)  From England, we flew to Florida to fetch our catamaran Jade, which was newly launched in January 2005.  From Bradenton, Florida, we started our cruising journey through the S. Pacific, then back to the northern hemisphere up through Guam and Micronesia, Japan and Korea. After 4 1/2 years, we are now on our way back to Hong Kong.

It was Arni (otherwise Mr. Highfield) who started having the idea of travelling the world on a yacht. He probably formed this idea from the time he started reading the world atlas.(around the age of 7 I suppose).

So, at 16, he joined the merchant navy in England, later he became a marine policeman in Hong Kong. Nearer to his retirement age, he was finally a step closer to his dream: buying and reading a lot of yachting magazines. Then a chance came by, he joined the Hebe Haven Yacht Club in Hong Kong and acquired Paloma, his first sailing yacht, a 22-feet Sonata.

Upon my constant nagging about the toilet system (as if there's one!), Arni struggled to upgrade to Rafiki, a 40-feet steel yacht purposely built for ocean sailing.

Rafiki is great, sturdy, safe, nicely decorated, with a galley and a toilet as well! However, people are never easily satisfied, and unfortunately for Arni, I am one of those. Towards his retirement, he made a huge decision in getting a brand new catamaran from the USA, a Manta 42-footer. Again, it was a struggle, financially in particular. But everybody, including me, and our daughters Molly and Nancy, are completely satisfied. Price-wise, it is a good deal too.

We thought about calling it Pumpkin & Noodles (the nicknames of Molly and Nancy, aged 6 and 4.5 at the time of writing), but decided against it for fear of muddling up the words over the radio in a real emergency. Then one day, can't remember what we were doing exactly, Arni, in one of his wakeful deep sleep (when he stares into the distance with ears opened only to boat-related issues),  he pronounced, 'Jade'.

So now, I am sitting on Jade, our lovely new mobile home for the next few years. We hope this website can show our family and friends and others about our trip, so that they know where we are, what we've done, what we are doing, and most importantly, to keep in touch. We'll embark on this voyage around late May 2005. The site is pretty bare and the writing has a lot of flaws for I'm doing it in a great rush. I am still experimenting on the site literally everyday. You may first see where we've been on our QEII journey which was ended on 16 April 2005.

Stay in touch. 

                                                                                              Wrote Cam (otherwise Mrs. Highfield) on 2 May 2005, Florida.